September 24, 2021
5 min read

VENU Magazine publication of Clearlight Infrared® Saunas

Cutting Edge Wellness Technologies

The following is a publication from VENU Magazine by Judy Chapman. 

Detox In A Home Infrared Sauna

Some of the best sauna brands to consider include Clearlight Australia (you’ll find their saunas at the best spas around the world), Sunlighten Saunas Australia, and Higher Dose New York.

One of the reasons I like the Clearlight brand is they really do their R&D when it comes to producing low EMF saunas and other products. What I also love about these are their contemporary design and functionality. The heat panels are positioned on the bottom half of the unit which means you don’t get so hot in the upper body-brain area that is very aligned with the Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to healing.

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