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Why choose a career with Clearlight?

In a world that is full of fast consumer goods, and nameless transactions… We believe there is an alternative way to do business, and that is connection. Connection to people, to planet, and to profit, having a social impact whilst empowering people to take charge of their health and wellbeing with the latest technology.

So let’s stay connected.

Cultivate wellbeing

Wellbeing at home and work, that’s the Clearlight Life.

Find the fun

We believe in fun whilst getting it done.

Love your workspace

Dynamic office spaces complete with wellness rooms and work snacks in epic locations.

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Customer Care

The role of our Customer Support Extraordinaires is to provide timely and professional after sales support to Clearlight’s customers. The role is a critical touchpoint with new and existing customers ensuring they are truly cared for; it is an opportunity to delight our customers, build a loyal following and a standout reputation in the market for exceptional products and exceptional service.
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The role of our Fulfilment Support Specialists is to support the Operations Manager in providing timely and professional customer service to Clearlight’s customers throughout the invoicing, fulfilment and installation process. This dynamic role is a critical touchpoint with new customers; it is an opportunity to delight our customers and build a standout reputation in the market by demonstrating exceptional customer service.
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The role of a Clearlight Sales Consultant is to engage and respond promptly to our amazing customers, proactively following-up all inbound leads. An exciting role which involves educating residential and commercial customers on our latest wellness technologies across the globe.
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  • “It’s rare to find such a laid back yet professional group of people who love to help eachother suceed, both in the work place and in life, and that’s exactly what I’ve found here with Clearlight.”
  • “What I find so fulfilling working with Clearlight is that the team, culture and company ethos have my individual best interests at heart and have allowed me to move around inside the business to help find a role that suits my lifestyle”
    Customer Care

Inclusivity and diversity.

We are more than a wellness company, much more than a technology company, we are a company that truly cares about people and challenges the status quo. A career at Clearlight means you’ll have the opportunity to develop and learn new skills in an ever evolving company, work between international time zones and diverse cultural groups, explore new ways of doing business with the latest technology, undertake challenging work that will positively impact people’s lives and their health across the world.

That truly feels good.

Pursue an exciting career and enjoy it.

We believe in wellness at home and work. After all work shouldn’t just be work, we want our team to have a life, and to live a healthier, happier existence. That’s why we provide each Clearlighter with their own portable infrared sauna to use at home throughout their employment, and exclusive first access to all our wellness technology.

Each Wednesday at our Clearlight HQ’s across the globe, we meet over a catered lunch and connect with each other over meaningful conversation. Once a month our team enjoys wellness in the workplace with our own massage therapists visiting our Clearlight wellness space in the office. We believe in sharing our success and playing as a team, so a bonus structure is also applicable based on our shared wins.
After all, sharing is caring.
  • Massage Therapist

    Monthly massage visitis to Clearlight HQ’s from our therapists for the team.
  • Catered Lunch

    Connect with your team each Wednesday at our catered lunches.
  • Time In Lieu

    Accrue time in lieu to ensure greater work life balance and flexibility.
  • Personal Sauna

    Receive a personal sauna to use for wellness at home whilst you’re employed at Clearlight.

We are a company with purpose.

We are on a mission to provide wellness solutions to as many people as possible whilst giving back to our Clearlight family and the planet.
That truly feels good.

But don’t just take our word for it.

View all of our current job opportunities from our LinkedIn page below.
  • What's the culture like at Clearlight Saunas International?

    It’s pretty amazing, we call it the Clearlight Family. Don’t just take our word for it though, watch a quick video here.

  • What are the benefits of working for Clearlight Saunas International, beyond remuneration?

    Working at Clearlight Saunas International goes far beyond remuneration. This includes: Workplace catered lunches on a Wednesday, wellness at home with a portable dome sauna to use throughout your employment, a time in lieu system to acknowledge approved additional hours, celebrating work anniversaries and birthdays, workplace massages, flexible working arrangements, and workplace snacks! Almost too much to mention.

  • What are the core values of Clearlight Saunas International?

    1. People focussed: We provide support for our customer’s needs, putting them first. We are caring, empathetic, helpful, honest, and listen to specific needs. As well as employees’ opinions, ensuring continuous learning, and health matters.
    2. Passionate: We believe in our product and we love working as a team to share our vision.
    3. Integrity: We are honest and transparent in our approach. Friendly, real people, open-minded and down to earth.
    4. Professional: We know our stuff, we are professional and excel at what we do and how we deliver.
    5. Innovative: We are at the forefront of infrared technology, striving for excellence, we are ambitious and won’t stagnate, progressive in outlook and action-oriented.

  • What should I expect during the recruitment process?

    If you've been shortlisted to move forward, a member of our recruitment team will reach out to you. As part of our review process and company culture, we also include a voluntary personality assessment for all applicants. Whether you chose to partake is entirely up to you, however many applicants find the information valuable.

    Interviews are normally scheduled within 2 weeks, however, this can be less or more depending on operations. We kindly ask for your patience and understanding, you will hear from us regardless of the outcome.

  • If I was unsuccessful with a previous application, will my CV be considered for another opening in the future?

    We always welcome applications, but however, currently, we do not accept speculative applications. As the business is expanding rapidly, new roles are published on our career portal regularly – to keep up to date, you can follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • Do I need to speak English?

    Yes, our company's primary language is English. As such, each staff member is required to have fluent, academic, written and spoken English in order to communicate well across our International business environment.

  • How do we decide compensation?

    We do a market analysis and carefully grade every position on a salary band structure. We believe we have a responsibility to compensate employees fairly and believe that compensation goes beyond a paycheck to include things like benefits, workplace environment, wellness and quality of life too.

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