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Clearlight® Infrared Sauna come with the capacity to add a range of additional features to maximise the therapeutic benefits of your sauna experience, turning your sauna into a complete wellness capsule.

HaloOne device

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All Clearlight® Saunas can accommodate the design award winning HALOONE™ Halotherapy upgrade.

Halotherapy replicates the natural climate of a salt cave by dispersing a high concentration of microsalt particles into the air, providing a holistic treatment for respiratory conditions.

Unfortunately, due to logistics and supply issues, our Clearlight Sauna Kits are currently unavailable until early 2023. In the meantime, please get in touch with us, or take a look at our Infrared Sauna Collections.

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Full Sprectrum Heater

All Clearlight® saunas can accommodate an extra 300 watt FS Mini Heater. Add an additional 300 watt full spectrum heater to your sauna and benefit from the advantages of the entire infrared spectrum. It is mounted onthe interior of the door, plugs conveniently into a socket already built into your sauna and can be controlled separately via the pre-installed control panel.

For Clearlight® Premier Sauna owners, this add-on upgrades your sauna from far-infrared to full-spectrum.

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Red Light Therapy Tower

Selected Clearlight® saunas can accommodate a RLT Tower.

Intentionally designed for inside your sauna, with a built-in advanced cooling system. The RLT Tower is the only Red Light Therapy device that can operate in the temperatures of your Clearlight® sauna without compromising performance.

Offering the maximum benefits of Red Light Therapy for the quickest session times and furthest distance, inside your sauna.

Sauna wooden posture backrest

Ergonomic Backrest

The movable backrest offers extra back support and comfort during your sauna session.

Designed by Dr. Raleigh Duncan, a Chiropractic Physician and Clearlight Founder, this is another added level of comfort to the experience.

Use your backrest to sit comfortably against the side wall with your legs resting on the bench. Since you are surrounded by panel emitters, you have maximum flexibility choosing your sitting position, without losing effect.

Chromotherapy device

Medical Grade Chromotherapy

Chromotherapy, otherwise known as Colour Light Therapy, utilises colored light wavelengths that therapeutically benefit mood, energy and cellular activity.

The medical grade chromotherapy using 96 LED lightswith an array of 12 colours. Reap the benefits of eachindividual colour and the high intensity output of light.You can adjust the LEDs with a remote dimmer switch, set an individual colour or select “Auto“ mode that willautomatically switch between colours every 25 seconds.In our Sanctuary saunas, medical grade chromotherapy isalready pre-installed.

Vibration resonance therapy device

Vibration Resonance Therapy

Selected Clearlight® saunas can accommodate the VRT upgrade.

A combination of sound and vibration, the VRT is used to provide deeper relaxation during your sauna session.

Operated through bluetooth or the saunas control pad, and installed underneath your sauna bench.

The VRT synchronises both sound and touch, assisting users in meditation, and comfort during high-temperature sessions.

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