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Clearlight co=founders Sebastian Miereu and Johannes Kettelhodt, sitting inside a Clearlight Sanctuary Corner Infrared Sauna.
Sun-kissed woman on beach with glowing, wet tanned skin.
Welcome to Clearlight

Our mission & vision

To give people a place to restore their body, find their peace, defy their age, heal their ailments — right within their home.

Rebuild the idea of what home can be, and redefine the pursuit of everyday wellness.

What we believe in

Our Values

We act with integrity, nurturing relationships with individuals, our communities, and this beautiful planet. We strive for excellence in innovation that sustains and improves people’s health and wellbeing. We value honesty and seek sustainable outcomes for our team, partners and customers.

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Our journey so far

Welcome to Clearlight® Saunas. My name is Sebastian Mierau, co-founder of Clearlight Saunas International. My friend and I started this wellness company 9 years ago, driven by the knowledge that infrared saunas could improve the quality of life for so many people.

Johannes Kettelhodt and Sebastian Mierau, Clearlight Saunas International Founders

How it all started

My co-founder, Johannes, and I met while working in environmental management. Being German, saunas are a part of our cultural DNA, so it was our shared passion for longevity and wellness that led us to discovering the most marvellous sauna we had ever experienced. It was an infrared sauna – a Clearlight infrared sauna.

We realised that infrared saunas had the potential to improve the lives of people all over the world. As we were based in New Zealand at the time, we went on to establish ourselves as distributors of Clearlight Saunas in New Zealand in 2012, and in Australia in the same year, and then Europe.


Leading the way

We reached out to the US based creator of this first-of-its-kind sauna, Dr Raleigh Duncan. The saunas were at the time only available in America. Dr Duncan needed help to bring this innovation to other parts of the globe, and alas, Clearlight Saunas International was born!

Since then, we have dedicated our business to improving the quality of life for people all over the world with our innovative infrared saunas and wellness products. Our passion drives us in everything we do, and we are grateful that so many people are now able to enjoy improved health and wellbeing with a Clearlight® Sauna.

the magnificent Sanctaury 3 Person sauna, silutated perfectly inside a bathroom, near a freestanding bath.
Co-Founders Sebastian and Johannes reflecting on their goals, their successes so far, and challenges.
the journey

What we’ve learnt

Early in our crusade, we discovered that people knew little about the healing powers of saunas. On top of this, we discovered that many infrared saunas contained toxic glues and varnishes, were constructed poorly and designed inefficiently, exposed people to harmful levels of EMF, and were difficult to transport.

With this knowledge, it became our mission to not only educate people about the wonderful health benefits of infrared saunas, but also create an infrared sauna company that was making saunas that were not only good for you, but genuinely making positive impacts for the planet too.

Johannes and Sebastian sauna podcast

The Helsi Show

The Helsi Podcast is where we invite you to invest in your wellbeing and unlock the secrets of vibrant health, peak performance and wellness.

Join hosts, Sebastian Mierau and Johannes Kettelhodt, co-founders of Australia + New Zealand’s leading wellness company, as they dive deep into the science, strategies and stories that empower you to live your healthiest, happiest life.

Whether you’re a CEO, high achiever, Entrepreneur, elite athlete, health enthusiast, scientist or self improvement seeker… together we will explore the cutting edge of biohacking techniques and holistic health practices with world-class experts that optimise your mind, body and spirit.

Customer testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it!
Tyson Muir

As a result of an incident outside of my control all of the electrical wiring in my sauna was damaged. When assessed my an electrician I was initially told the sauna was a write off. Rightfully, insurance should have replaced the sauna or wiring, but they wouldn’t. I spoke to Sascha from the clearlight customer service team and the assistance I received was exceptional. Sascha was extremely proactive, going above and beyond the standard expected. Not only did Sascha find a solution for my problem but more impressively a solution that did not leave me out of pocket. At a time when customer service is generally pretty ordinary across the board. Sascha is setting the gold standard of what customer service should be. Experiences like this is what keeps customers coming back.

Sarah Edmondson

Not only are Clearlight Saunas a beautiful product but there aftersales service is brilliant as well. The few little issues I have had over the few years we have now had our Sauna have been sorted out in record time. Excellent company to deal with.

A great team with a great product. I have had nothing but extremely positive experiences with everyone at Clearlight Australia, and I absolutely love their products. Professional communication and outstanding customer service.

Healing Arts Studio

The Customer Support Team were very prompt in responding to some specific enquiries we had about our sauna and sent a link with a very informative and easy-to-follow video which gave us a resolution very quickly. We also received a follow-up email from Sascha to ensure that we were satisfied and our enquiry was resolved which was very thoughtful. I'm very happy with the interactions we had with the Customer Support Team, albeit very minimal, as the sauna has been fantastic!

I have the Yoga Sanctuary Sauna for a few years now and it has been a incredible tool in my Health management...truly now I can’t see myself without it! Since day one from talking to Sebastian to Katya and in the last couple of years the very helpful Craig (..Clearlight should never let you go Craig!!)..has been some of the best customer service I have ever received in the world ! I also recently started exploring some of their other great quality products like the Halo and RLT . I wish you all ..including Sarah and the rest of the “invisible “ team, whose names never get mentioned, but nonetheless are crucial to make it all happen... the best of luck ! Kind Regards Rodrigo

Errol Diamond

Was really an awesome experience , totally flawless ! i would like to thank Ray the installer and his team as they were superb as well as customer service Arlene and Sharron and Anna ...really a great team and excellent product ....happy heating  !

Will Them

Great customer service - quick replies, very helpful and solution-focussed. Thank you!

I provided a negative rating based on an extended delivery time. Clearlight have subsequently been in touch & explained things very well. I am more than satisfied now & you have redeemed yourselves in your approach

Justin Pace

We bought a two-person Clearlight sauna in 2015. Seven years later, still couldn't be happier with the product we put a great deal of research into before committing. Yes . . . a Clearlight sauna is an investment, however what price do you place on excellent quality; very high, long-term usage without incident (since delivery, every second day / frequently every day;) and exceptional customer service when needed? Every single time we've had to contact Clearlight Saunas the last seven years (three in total), they've been there . . . promptly communicating, facilitating and resolving. As long-term customers, we cannot fault Clearlight in the two areas that matter - product and service. Don't usually write reviews, however with this company was compelled to. So . . . thank you, Clearlight Saunas. You're a brilliant company and are excellent to deal with.

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