The Clearlight® saunas are the greatest on the market, with five-person saunas available in a variety of designs. Allowing for maximum relaxation and infrared sauna advantages such as detoxification, relief from sore muscles and joints, improved circulation, and more. The far infrared Premier 5-person sauna, and 5-person Outdoor Sauna are two types of 5-person saunas.

The far-infrared Premier 5-person sauna is the ideal method to unwind with your own personal home sauna session. This sauna, which is constructed of FSC-certified wood and features True Wave® far infrared heaters, was created to provide optimum health advantages. The unique design of the sauna allows you to reap the benefits of far infrared heat while also fostering a natural and inviting environment. The Premier 5-person sauna also makes it simple to enhance your health or just relax after a long day.

The Outdoor 2 Person Sauna has a weatherproof, durable design and True Wave® far infrared and full spectrum heaters for the best possible infrared treatment. It's ideal for any house or commercial property thanks to the beautiful accent lighting. Infrared heating also raises your core body temperature, making it easier to sweat. So if you're searching for a sauna that can withstand the heat, this is the one for you.

Our Clearlight® 5-person infrared saunas include all of the health advantages of a traditional sauna while being more compact and efficient, making them ideal for any home. Our product comes with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring that it will give years of enjoyment! For businesses, we offer 5-year warranty options because you can trust that our goods are of the highest quality and have excellent service behind them.

Clearlight® has what you need, whether you want to unwind, rejuvenate, or work up a sweat in our 5-person saunas. We've got your back; gather some buddies and prepare for an invigorating experience! We produce all of our goods using the highest-quality materials and an emphasis on sustainability. We use non-toxic glues or varnishes, and we adhere to strict quality standards in order to ensure that your purchase is not only for you but also for future generations.

Clearlight® Saunas are beneficial for individuals seeking to improve their health, with one of the most popular products being a 5-person infrared sauna. This item has several advantages, including improved circulation and detoxification, which will leave you feeling revitalised!


How Big of a Sauna Do I Need for 5-People?

While different sauna models generally come in varying sizes, a good indicator for you to understand how many people can comfortably fit is the sauna's dimensions.

At Clearlight®, we have two unique styles that can fit five people comfortably. Every inch of our saunas is crafted with the user in mind, so you can bet on the fact that our design is optimised for comfort!

Here’s their dimensions for reference:

5-Person Clearlight® Sanctuary Outdoor Full Spectrum Sauna

Width - 195 cm
Depth - 119 cm
Height - 179 cm

Bench space
185 cm x 56 cm

Exterior (Base footprint)*
Width - 210 cm
Depth - 131 cm
Height - 203 cm

Roof Overhang Area
Width - 252 cm
Depth - 173 cm

*The Outdoor Saunas have a Roof Overhang that adds an additional 21cm around all sides to the Base footprint

5-Person Clearlight® Premier Far Infrared Sauna

Width - 198 cm
Depth - 107 cm
Height - 180 cm

Bench space
188 cm x 56 cm

Width - 211 cm
Depth - 124 cm
Height - 193 cm

How Much Power Does a 5-Person Sauna Use?

Clearlight® Saunas use a combination of carbon and ceramic heaters. Carbon heaters are known for their ability to produce long-wave infrared heat, which is efficiently absorbed by the body. Ceramic heaters, on the other hand, are good at producing high levels of heat. Together they provide even, efficient heating. To power up these heaters, the two five person saunas in our catalogue use only slightly different amounts of power.

5-Person Clearlight® Sanctuary Outdoor Full Spectrum Sauna
This sauna uses 3,800 W and requires a 20A power outlet.

5-Person Clearlight® Premier Far Infrared Sauna
This sauna uses 2,990 W and requires a 20A power outlet.

What Types of 5-Person Saunas Are Available at Clearlight®?

Our 5-Person saunas cater to those looking for a spacious and luxurious sauna experience that can be enjoyed with family or friends. 

Clearlight® offers two types of 5-Person saunas that stand out from the crowd, each boasting unique features and benefits tailored to suit different preferences and requirements.

5-Person Clearlight® Outdoor Sanctuary Full Spectrum Sauna

The Clearlight® Outdoor Sanctuary 5-Person Full Spectrum Sauna is an outdoor oasis of relaxation, featuring True Wave® Full Spectrum and Carbon/Ceramic Far Infrared Heaters for optimal wellness benefits. Crafted with a Cedartech Exterior, this sauna exudes elegance while blending seamlessly with outdoor environments. Enjoy personalised control with the digital touchpad and smartphone App, as well as immersive entertainment through Bluetooth/AUX Connectivity and built-in speakers. The medical-grade Chromotherapy, smart device charging cabinet and recliner bench add luxurious touches to this sauna, creating the perfect sanctuary for rest and rejuvenation in your backyard.

5-Person Clearlight® Premier Far Infrared Sauna

The 5-Person Clearlight® Premier Far Infrared Sauna is an exceptional indoor retreat designed for relaxation. Powered by cutting-edge True Wave® Carbon/Ceramic Far Infrared Heaters, this sauna promises a deep and even heat for enhanced wellness. The Grade-A Western Red Canadian Cedar finish not only lends an air of luxury but gives your space  a natural touch. The digital touchpad control offers effortless customisation, while Bluetooth/AUX Connectivity and built-in stereo speakers provide an immersive entertainment experience. With features like the mood-enhancing Chromotherapy featuring 15 LEDs in 6 colours, this sauna is a standout investment for those seeking a top-tier indoor sauna experience. Explore more of the accessories on the website today or get in touch with one of our customer service professionals today!

How Long Does It Take to Heat Up a 5-Person Sauna?

If you're using a 5-person sauna, you can expect a heat-up time on average of between 15-30 minutes to reach a desirable temperature, though this can vary depending on various factors.

Environmental elements play a significant role in this heating duration. For instance, on colder days or if the sauna is located in a chilly room, you might find it taking a bit longer to warm up. On the flip side, in a warmer environment, the sauna might be ready even sooner.

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