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Ranking The Best Saunas On The Market Today


Clearlight would like to remind users that this should not be taken as direct medical advice, and you should always consult a licensed health practitioner before making any significant changes to your lifestyle or existing pain treatment regimen.

As we roll further into a new decade, it’s clear to see that more and more people are purchasing saunas for both their house and their health

There are a lot of options out there, though, so with this in mind we’ve put together a resource to help you discover what to look for while buying a sauna, and ranked the best saunas on the market today.

There are a number of things to consider when it comes to purchasing a sauna for your home. 

Aside from the price, you need to consider things like your personal needs, how much vacant space you might have in your home, and whether or not purchasing a sauna is a worthwhile decision in the first place.

If you have the answers to those questions, then we've compiled a list of the best infrared-saunas below, explaining why they are perfect for you, no matter the reasoning behind your interest.

If you haven't, however, and you are still searching for those answers, then this recent Goop article titled Picking The Right Infrared Sauna For Your Home may be the external perspective you are looking for.

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Let’s start by answering the latter question before discovering some of the best saunas currently on the market.

Is A Home Sauna Worth It?

The question of whether or not a home sauna is worth it is, of course, a subjective one. 

But it is one that you should consider with the health benefits of saunas in mind. 

Peer-reviewed science has shown clear links between the health benefits of saunas, in particular, infrared saunas when it comes to optimising weight loss, improving sleep patterns, relieving muscle and joint pain, boosting your immune system with detoxification, heart health, and reducing both stress and fatigue.

If you’re already spending money on a membership to a spa or gym to use their sauna, you can make a worthwhile long-term investment to soak up all the relaxation in the comfort of your home- while adding to its value.

With that in mind, let’s go over the winners.

Best all-round: Clearlight® Sanctuary 2-Person Sauna ‘All the bells and whistles with an affordable price tag’.

Best for home: Clearlight® Outdoor 5-Person Sauna ‘The only outdoor infrared sauna on the market’.

Most Technology: Clearlight® Sanctuary Yoga 4-Person Sauna ‘Cutting-edge design, medical-grade healing in the comfort of home’.

Best for a small home: Aurora The Dome Sauna - Portable Infrared Sauna Solutions ‘The pint-sized healing machine that can fit in your wardrobe’.

Best entry-level sauna: Clearlight® Premiere 1-Person Sauna ‘Professional results at a modest price'.

What Is The Best Sauna For Home Use?

Clearlight® Outdoor 5-Person Sauna

In terms of the best sauna for home use, the 5-person Outdoor Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna is one of the most competitive offerings currently available on the market. 

It’s a practical, yet sleek addition to any household, and offers an impressive array of features as well as that all-important lifetime warranty.

The outside is lined with the durability of Cedartec material, while on the inside you’ll find the same True Wave Full Spectrum heating technology. 

This means you - and up to four close friends - are able to soak up all of the self-care needed from the comfort of home.

As the only infrared sauna on the market that is specifically designed to endure the weather, a no-brainer if you’re somebody who enjoys their time spent outdoors. 

Entertainment areas, pool houses, or a backyard patio, for those who like to host, you will love this infrared sauna.

Its ability to be the only infrared sauna on the market today that can be placed outdoors - meaning space inside isn’t an issue - and all the high-tech features is why we’ve ranked it the best sauna for home use.

What Is The Best Sauna On The Market?

Clearlight® 4-Person Sanctuary Yoga Sauna

For those without a budget, the top-ranked (and absolute best) sauna currently on the market is the Full-Spectrum Sanctuary Yoga. 

It ticks all the boxes in terms of material and build quality, features, convenience, size, and design, combined with the peace of mind of a lifetime warranty*.

Similar to its smaller sibling in the Sanctuary 2, it’s got all the high-tech add-ons available from the world’s leading infrared sauna manufacturer, with the added bonus of detachable benches. 

Allowing for a spacious, bare-boned interior, perfect for those who love to incorporate extra activities while saunaing.

We’ve also ranked it as one of the most stylish infrared saunas on the market because of its Italian-styled Canadian Cedarwood meeting the full frontage of tempered glass from head-to-toe. 

A contemporary design that holds its value when placed in the most luxurious of environments.

With the touch of a button, control the sauna’s settings and a wide array of features with a smartphone application for maximum convenience. 

Pre-heat as you leave the office from your app, and return home to sit - or do yoga, of course - in the comfort of your own private wellness sanctuary.

A well-deserved first place for those who can afford the finer things in life.

What Is The Healthiest Type Of Sauna?

Clearlight® Sanctuary 2-Person Sauna

Let’s quickly run through the different types of saunas out there on the market. There are dry saunas, wet saunas - also known as a steam rooms - and finally, infrared saunas; we’ve covered this in a previous post.

In terms of real-world application, practicality, and price, infrared saunas are the best options for home consumers and have been the go-to for the market. 

Aside from cost-to-run, there are clear health advantages of infrared saunas, primarily because they don’t expose your body to extremely high temperatures. Instead, they have a more efficient approach, with targeted infrared light that penetrates the skin without the need for exposure to high temperatures for a long period of time.

Now that we’ve established infrared saunas as the healthiest type of sauna, let’s compare the healthiest type of infrared sauna on the market. 

The infrared sauna that takes the cake is the Sanctuary 2-Person Full Spectrum Sauna.

We’ve ranked it as the healthiest infrared sauna, not only because it has all the bells and whistles including full-spectrum heaters, medical-grade chromotherapy, low EMF & ELF, and the ability for add-ons such as red light therapy, aromatherapy, salt therapy, an extra full spectrum heater, and vibration resonance therapy - but also because it is the most accessible to the masses with a modest entry point and a beautiful design.

If you’re a little bit more experienced with infrared saunas, possibly more health-conscious than you once were, and want to add that wow factor to your home, this sauna is for you.

What Is The Best Sauna For A Small Home Or Apartment?

The Dome Sauna by Aurora

The Dome Sauna is by far the best option for the price or space-conscious buyer. It’s smaller than a single bed when laid flat for use, and can be packed away into a wardrobe for practicality, or even used as a bedside table.

If you’re looking to enjoy an infrared sauna at a cut-price entry point or you live in a shared/small house, this is a fantastic option. 

Lined with advanced infrared heating technology that covers your neck to toes with infrared light, which means that despite its size, you won’t be making any compromises.

With a relatively small investment, this option is perfect for those casual sauna users who may be spending too much time at the spa, and are looking to shave costs over an entire year.


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What To Look For When Buying A Sauna

Now that we’ve covered why it’s worthwhile to consider a sauna purchase, let’s ponder the question of what to look for while buying a sauna.

We’ve put together our Ultimate Guide to Buying Saunas, which is worth a look if you’re seriously in the market. 

While there are a number of options out there, it’s important to first consider whether or not you’re purchasing from a reputable manufacturer. 

As is the general rule of thumb, affordability is no indication that you’re purchasing quality. In fact, it’s quite often the opposite.

This, too, extends to the warranty attached to your sauna, as well as the potentially hazardous levels of electromagnetic fields (EMF) that can be emitted from a number of cheaper offerings on the sauna market.

Running costs are, of course, important to take into consideration, too. 

While the running costs of some traditional saunas can be eye-watering, infrared saunas are extremely energy efficient.

The great thing about the smaller models mentioned above is you’ll see running costs of just AUD $0.30 per hour. Take five saunas a week and at the end of a month, you’ll only be needing a modest AUD $5 to cover.

Definitely, something to consider if you’re forking out AUD $60-$100 a session somewhere else.

Even the more robust saunas mentioned are only used at around AUD $0.45 cents per hour, meaning your monthly bill will be around AUD $7.20 - not that you will be worrying about your electrical bill.

Where Should You Put A Sauna In Your House?

This is totally up to you, as mentioned above, there are plenty of options available for the type of home you have. 

If you’re looking to showcase an outdoor entertainment area or transform your backyard, the Outdoor 5 makes any space look like a five-star resort, while the compact Dome sauna doubles as a stylish furniture addition to any room when packed up. 

If you have a modest home and are more financially stable than you once were, a great all-around entry is the Premiere 1-Person Infrared Sauna.

A perfect option in terms of clicking all relevant boxes of affordability, quality, comfort, and practicality in the home, and comes with a lifetime warranty*.

With a compact design, the Premiere 1 can be both a feature point of any room or can be tucked away for a user’s privacy.

If you're interested in an infrared sauna cabin for home, click here to view our range of full-spectrum saunas, far-infrared saunas, and outdoor saunas.

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