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Top Reasons

Complete Lifetime Warranty

Your Clearlight® Sauna comes with another exclusive – the Clearlight Infrared Lifetime Warranty for Residential customers. We believe an investment with Clearlight into your wellness should last you a lifetime.

Ultra Low EMF & ELF

We've pioneered the lowest EMF and ELF exposure by combining exclusive EMF shielding technology with our already virtually zero EMF and ELF output True Wave® heaters.

Easy Flat-Pack Assembly

With two people and requiring only a screwdriver, our flat pack construction makes DIY assembly fast and easy, for plug 'n' play straight from the box, so you can start experiencing the benefits instantly.

High Performance Heaters

Our patent-pending True Wave® infrared heaters are the only hybrid Carbon & Ceramic heaters on the market. This innovative fusion provides optimal, efficient, and safe therapeutic heat.

Eco Certified & No VOCs

All Clearlight Saunas are crafted with FSC Certified timber, free from VOCs, and use non-toxic glues and varnishes. Free from chemicals and harmful fumes, you can rest assured you and your family are safe.

Optional Add Ons

Transform your sauna into the complete wellness tool with our exclusive range of the wellness technology add-ons, supercharging your sauna experience with multiple therapies in-one.

Strategic Heater Placement

Our heaters are strategically placed for maximum benefits by targeting specific areas of the body to heat the body's core, producing optimum therapeutic benefits with superb efficiency.

Energy Efficient

Engineered for energy efficiency, and without compromise, our sauna heater technology provides optimal therapeutic heat with minimal warm-up times, and costing only 20 - 40 cents per hour to operate.

Positive Action for our Planet

For every sauna sold, we protect 2m2 of endangered rainforest, increase forest coverage by planting 5 trees, rescue 1 kg of food waste from landfill and provide 4 days of renewable lighting to communities in need.