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The Healing Power of Full Spectrum Saunas

Heard about full-spectrum saunas but not so sure what the fuss is about? Read Clearlight Sauna’s breakdown of how to get the most out of it today.

The Science of Sweat: Do I Have to Sweat in a Sauna?

The Health Benefits of Sweating in an Infrared Sauna

What is Hormetic Stress?

Hormetic Stress with Infrared Saunas, Ice Baths, Fasting and Exercise

Why Is My Skin Blotchy After A Sauna?

Is it normal for skin to be red after sauna?

Colour Psychology: How Colours Affect How You Feel

Uncover the Mysteries of Colour Psychology

Is a Sauna Good For Your Lungs?

What are the Benefits of Saunas on Impaired Lung Health?

Detoxing Your Liver With Infrared Saunas

Is Sitting in a Sauna Good for Your Liver?

Is Infrared Sauna OK During Menstruation?

Is Sauna Good For Women? Comprehensive Guide

6 Reasons Why The Sauna Is Good For ED?

Can Infrared Sauna Help With Erectile Dysfunction?

Do Infrared Saunas Produce Heat-Shock Proteins?

What are Heat-Shock Proteins and How-to Trigger HSPs in an Infrared Sauna

Does Infrared Light Help Toenail Fungus?

Is Infrared Sauna or Red Light Therapy Good For Toenail Fungus?

Is Infrared Sauna Good For a Sore Throat?

How Infrared Saunas Can Jump Start Sore Throat Recovery

Can a Sauna Cause Diarrhoea?

4 Reasons Why Sauna Might Cause You Diarrhoea

Why You Can't Sleep After An Infrared Sauna

A Scientific Explanation Why You Can't Sleep After A Sauna

Does Sauna Help With Bloating, IBS and Digestion?

Sauna Benefits for Gut Health: Exploring the link between the Sauna and Digestion

Should You Sauna Before Golf?

Infrared Sauna Benefits for Golf Pain and Injuries

Infrared Sauna and Cancer: Is there a Connection?

Near-Infrared Light Used in New Cancer Treatments

Is Sauna Good or Bad For Your Hair?

Infrared Sauna Benefits: Surprising Insights on Hair Growth and Hair Loss

Is Sauna Good For Pneumonia?

Infrared Sauna Benefits for Pneumonia Symptoms

Infrared Sauna for Mold Detox: Does it Work?

How to Detox Your Body from Mold with Sauna Benefits

Can Infrared Saunas Reduce Cellulite?

The Science of Infrared Saunas for Cellulite

Sauna Therapy Benefits for Back Pain

How Infrared Saunas Help Lower Back Pain

Infrared Saunas benefits for Lupus and Autoimmune Disease

Natural Treatment for the Symptoms of Autoimmune Diseases

Is Sauna Good for Knee Injury?

Can Infrared Sauna Provide Healing Benefits for Knee Injuries?

Get relief from your asthma symptoms with an infrared sauna

How sauna therapy can benefit people with asthma

Is Sauna Good For Blood Pressure?

How infrared saunas lower blood pressure and why this is good for your heart

How Long Should You Sauna For Heart Health?

Infrared Saunas Fascinating Effects On Cardiovascular Health

How Long Should You Sauna For Diabetes Support?

Infrared Sauna for Stabilising Blood Sugar and Countering Diabetes Symptoms
Health Benefits
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The Incredible Infrared Sauna Mitochondria Link

How infrared saunas make your mitochondria healthier

Infrared Sauna Therapy For Lyme Disease

Positive benefits of far infrared sauna for lyme disease
Health Benefits
min read

Autism And Detoxification

Why light therapy may be a game changer for autism

Is Sauna Heat Good For Your Brain?

What science says about infrared saunas effect on the brain

Sauna Calorie Calculator: How Many Calories Burned In Your Sauna

Calculate How Many Calories Burned Per Hour In Your Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna Use As A Treatment For Depression

Whole-body hyperthermia treatment for depression and insomnia

Can Infrared Sauna Help With Candida?

Possible links between candida treatments and benefits of infrared saunas in aiding candida

How Long Should You Sauna For Mental Health Benefits?

Benefits Of A Sauna: Mental Health, Anxiety, Depression, and Mood 101

How to Use Saunas for Pain Relief and Arthritis

Everything you need to know about infrared saunas and pain relief

Clarifying the Myths Around Saunas and Kidney Health

Do Saunas Help or Prevent the Development of Kidney Stones? Let’s find out
Health Benefits
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Identifying Saunas' Effect On Women's Health

What Women Should Know About Infrared Sauna Bathing

Can Infrared Saunas Help With Fibromyalgia And Chronic Pain

Does An Infrared Saunas Help With Fibromyalgia And Chronic Pain?

Can An Infrared Sauna Help You Sleep Better?

Can you optimise your sleep pattern and sleep better with an infrared sauna

How Long Should You Sauna For Sore Muscles?

How To Use Infrared Sauna After A Workout For Muscle Recovery

How to Use Your Sauna to Boost Your Immune System

Saunas are an effective tool for boosting your immune system and fighting toxins.

How Infrared Saunas Help Detox Your Lymphatic System

What is the lymphatic system, how does it detox the body and how an infrared sauna can help in the process.

How Should You Use a Sauna for Weight Loss?

How to burn fat and lose weight, all while sitting in your infrared sauna.

How Long Should You Sauna: Sauna Benefits For Skin?

Reaping the Rewards of Regular Sauna Baths For Perfect-Looking Skin

Can You Get Vitamin D From an Infrared Sauna?

Infrared Saunas provide a range of benefits, but is Vitamin D one of them?

The Power Of Solitude In An Infrared Sauna

Why You're Missing It, And How To Create Space In The Home

Benefits of Infrared Sauna for Inflammation

Does an Infrared Sauna Reduce Inflammation?
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