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Your Guide to Commercial Saunas

Elevate your client experience with a Clearlight® Infrared Sauna.

Is a Sauna Suit as Good as a Sauna?

Sauna Suit Benefits Versus Infrared Sauna Benefits

Can You Use Electronics In An Infrared Sauna?

What Should and Shouldn’t You Take Into A Sauna

Can You Take AirPods Into A Sauna?

Are Headphones Suitable For An Infrared Sauna Session?

Can You Wear An Oura Ring In A Sauna?

Is It Suitable To Take Wearable Electronics Into An Infrared Sauna?

Can You Take A Laptop Into A Sauna?

Are Laptops And Tablets Suitable For An Infrared Sauna Session?

Can You Take An Apple Watch Into A Sauna?

Why Smart Watches Aren’t Suited For Saunas And Steam Rooms

Infrared Saunas: Everything you need to know in less than 30 Minutes!

Founder Dr Raleigh Duncan speaks at Hippocrates Health Institute

Ice Baths vs. Infrared Saunas: The Cold Truth

Ice Bath Vs Sauna Bathing: Is one better than the other?

The Benefits of a Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

What is a Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna?

Are Home Saunas Worth It? 5 Best Places To Install Your Home Sauna

Tips for Finding the Ideal Location for Your Home Sauna

Clearlight Saunas Vs. Sunstream Saunas: Which is right for you in AU?

Comparing Clearlight® Vs Sunstream: Finding the Right Infrared Sauna For You

Infrared Saunas Vs Traditional Saunas: Which is Better?

Why Infrared Saunas are Superior to Traditional Saunas

What's the Best Outdoor Sauna in 2023?

Are outdoor Saunas Worth It? And Our Top Picks of Outdoor Saunas for 2023

Sauna vs Hot Tub: Which one is right for you?

How To Choose Between An Infrared Sauna Or A Hot Tub

Can You Take Your Phone Into A Sauna?

5 ways your phone can help improve your sauna experience

Indoor Saunas Vs Outdoor Saunas

Can you put an Indoor Sauna in the Outdoors?

How Hot is a Sauna and Does Sauna Temperature Matter?

How to Maximise Your Infrared Sauna Temperature during the Coldest Months

How Big Should A Sauna Be

How To Build Your Own Sauna: How Big Should A Sauna Be

What Is The Best Wood For Your Sauna

How To Build Your Own Sauna: Best Wood For Sauna

Do Sauna Suits Help You Lose Weight?

Are Sauna Suits Effective At Targeted Weight Loss?
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