Can You Take AirPods Into A Sauna?

Are Headphones Suitable For An Infrared Sauna Session?


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Saunas are a popular way to relax and rejuvenate, but did you know that the heat and humidity in traditional saunas, steam rooms and even infrared saunas could be harmful to your AirPods?

Apple's iconic wireless earphones are designed to be durable and reliable, but they do have limitations when it comes to extreme temperatures and moisture levels.

In this blog post, we'll explain why taking your AirPods to the sauna might not be the best idea and offer some practical tips to keep them safe.

We've also explored other technology items and how they hold up in a sauna environment that you might find helpful:

Let's take a look at the limitations of Apple's AirPods for sauna use.

Understanding the AirPods' Limitations

Before we dive into the effects of sauna use on AirPods, it's essential to understand the limitations of these popular wireless earphones. AirPods have an "IPX4" rating, which means they offer protection against short-term splashes of water but are not waterproof.

The second-generation AirPods are water-resistant, making them suitable for light rain or sweat during workouts, but they are not designed for swimming, showering, or water-related activities.

Different Types Of AirPods & Temperature

Moreover, AirPods have an operating temperature range between 0º and 35º Celsius, with a recommended storage range between -10º and 45º Celsius. The sauna temperature, on the other hand, can reach up to 100º Celsius, with humidity levels of up to 20%. This means that prolonged exposure to high heat and moisture could cause significant damage to your AirPods.

Heat and Humidity in Saunas

The high heat and humidity levels in saunas can pose a significant threat to all electronic devices, not just AirPods.

Sensitive circuits can be damaged, batteries can drain faster, and screens can fog or malfunction.

Additionally, sweat can cause corrosion in exposed metal parts of electronic devices, and any moisture or condensation that finds its way into the electrical components can fry the circuits. Therefore, it is generally recommended to avoid bringing electronic or valuable items to the sauna to prevent damage.

Sauna Temperatures

We've previously shared information answering the question, how hot is a sauna? We include the sauna temperatures for traditional saunas, infrared saunas and even steam rooms. The information regarding sauna temperatures can help you with grasping the issues when using AirPods inside a sauna.

  • A dry sauna has temperatures of 80 - 90 degrees Celsius (176 - 194F) with low humidity.
  • An infrared sauna has temperatures of 45 - 60 degrees Celsius (113 - 140F) with low humidity.
  • A Finnish sauna has maximum temperatures of 110 - 120 degrees Celsius (230 - 248F) and is rarely colder than 70 degrees Celsius (158F). Humidity in Finnish saunas is also high.
  • Stream rooms have temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius (104F) but have extremely high humidity.

Consequences of Sauna Use on AirPods

So, what happens when you take your AirPods to the sauna? The consequences can be varied, ranging from temporary connectivity issues to permanent damage.

The battery could drain faster, leading to reduced listening time, and the AirPods' heat could cause disconnection or reduced audio quality.

Over time, the heat exposure could lead to permanent damage such as reduced battery lifespan or complete malfunction.

Can You Use AirPods in a Sauna or Steam Room?

When it comes to using AirPods in a sauna or steam room, many people wonder if it’s okay to do so. Unfortunately, the answer is a firm no.

While it may seem tempting to keep your music or podcast going while you relax in the warm, soothing environment of a sauna or steam room, it’s simply not worth the risk to your AirPods.

Can You Take AirPods Pro In A Sauna?

Apple recommends that AirPods be kept in a temperature range of 0°C to 35°C (32°F to 95°F). However, saunas and steam rooms can easily reach temperatures well beyond that range. Exposing your AirPods Pro to such extreme temperatures can result in permanent damage, rendering them unusable.

Furthermore, saunas and steam rooms are typically humid environments, which can also damage your AirPods. Moisture can seep into the delicate electronic components, causing them to malfunction or stop working altogether.

In short, it’s better to err on the side of caution and leave them out of harm’s way. Trust us, your AirPods – and your wallet – will thank you in the long run.

Can You Take Other Wireless Headphones Inside A Sauna

Samsung wireless headphones are a popular choice for many music lovers, but can they withstand moisture? The answer is a clear no, as stated on the Samsung Buds website. These headphones are not built to be water or dustproof, so any type of moisture, including sweat, should be avoided to prevent damage.

It's important to note that both Apple AirPods and Samsung Buds wireless headphones are based on the same technology, so there's no fundamental difference between the two.

Precautions to Take While Wearing AirPods During Sweaty Activities

If you're going to wear AirPods while working out or doing other activities that cause you to sweat, there are several things you can do to protect them.

One of the simplest is to take them out regularly and dry them off with a soft cloth.

Avoid exposing them to excessive moisture, and make sure to clean them regularly with a slightly damp cloth to remove any buildup of sweat or debris.

Another way to protect them is to wear a sweatband or headband that will absorb sweat before it reaches your AirPods.


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AirPods Frequently Asked Questions

In the following section, a few quick questions about bringing AirPods into a sauna or similar situations will be considered:

What Happens If Sweat Gets In AirPods?

What Occurs When Sweat Enters AirPods? The resistance to water and sweat varies depending on the version of AirPods one possesses. In essence, all Apple AirPods and related products such as chargers are resistant to sweat but not entirely immune to it.

Being sweat-resistant suggests that the AirPods can endure small quantities of sweat to which they are incidentally exposed. Being sweat-proof, conversely, suggests that the AirPods can tolerate large volumes of sweat.

The ideas of "sweat resistance" and "sweatproof" are linked to the earlier concepts of "water resistance" and "waterproofing". Thus, minor accidental exposure of sweat to the AirPods is tolerable. However, submerging the AirPods in sweat or exposing them to large amounts is not advisable and will result in damage to the product.

Furthermore, as stated on the Apple website, the water and sweat resistance of the AirPods deteriorates over time. Hence, excessive exposure to sweat or water should be avoided!

Typically, when one wears the AirPods in their ears, they should not be subjecting them to copious amounts of sweat. This leads us to the next question:

How Do I Make My AirPods Stay In When Sweating?

When an individual is sweating excessively and their AirPods are subjected to a significant amount of sweat, it is advisable to use a towel or wipe to remove the sweat around their ears. It's important to remember that AirPods are not sweatproof, they're merely sweat-resistant.

Given that the water resistance and sweat resistance are not enduring characteristics of the AirPod - that is, they will deteriorate over time - it is recommended to minimize sweat exposure from the outset.

Can I Wear My AirPod Pros In The Gym?

Yes, you can wear their AirPod Pros in the gym. However, it is advised to wipe off any excess sweat - assuming there is heavy perspiration - from anywhere near the AirPods.

Again, even though AirPods are sweat-resistant, this resistance diminishes over time, so it's best not to subject the AirPods to excessive sweat exposure.

Can You Wear AirPods In A Hot Tub?

In theory, one can wear AirPods in a hot tub. In such a scenario, the AirPods are not directly exposed to extreme temperatures or water.

However, this is a risky endeavour for two primary reasons. Firstly, hot tubs, as their name suggests, are hot, and the user may begin to sweat profusely, thereby exposing the AirPods to a significant amount of sweat. Secondly, if an AirPod happens to fall out of one's ear while in the hot tub, it is likely to be irrevocably damaged and cease functioning.

Thus, the use of AirPods in a hot tub is at one's own peril...

Does Heat Drain AirPods? Heat And AirPod Battery-Life

The question "Does heat drain AirPods" warrants a more detailed examination. If the implication is that the battery charge of the AirPods depletes more rapidly in the heat, then the answer is generally affirmative. AirPods might also perform less optimally in high temperatures, such as 30 degrees Celsius (86F), despite being engineered to tolerate such a temperature.

Therefore, it can be concluded that heat does indeed drain AirPods in multiple ways...

Will AirPods Survive The Washing Machine?

AirPods would be subjected to prolonged submersion in water within a washing machine. Consequently, regardless of the generation, it is unlikely that AirPods would survive such an ordeal. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that one has not left their AirPods in any pockets before placing their clothes in the washing machine. Washing machines can be considered the arch-nemesis of AirPods...

Does The Sauna Drain AirPods?

Any kind of sauna not only depletes the AirPods but also likely causes permanent damage due to excessive moisture and/or heat. Once again, it is strongly advised against using AirPods inside a sauna. The risk, as described in detail earlier, is simply not worth it.

The Solution To AirPods In Sauna

So what's the alternative for those who don't want to use AirPods inside a sauna? The answer is straightforward: All Clearlight® Sauna models come equipped with Bluetooth and AUX connectivity. This allows individuals to enjoy their favourite music without ever risking exposure of their AirPods to humidity, sweat, or excessively high temperatures.

The Final Verdict

Wireless headphones are a convenient and enjoyable gadget, but their use in high-temperature environments like saunas and steam rooms can significantly affect their performance and lifespan.

Moisture and excessive heat can cause permanent damage to the internal components and battery, leading to a shorter lifespan or even safety hazards. If you must use wireless headphones in saunas, be sure to follow the recommended temperature range and water resistance level of your headphones, limit their use to short periods, and keep them dry and clean.

However, the best practice is to avoid using wireless headphones in high-temperature environments altogether. Stay safe, and enjoy your music responsibly.

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