Clearlight Saunas Vs. Sunstream Saunas: Which is right for you in AU?

Comparing Clearlight® Vs Sunstream: Finding the Right Infrared Sauna For You

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the infrared sauna options out there? With Clearlight® and Sun Stream both offering great features and value, it can be challenging to figure out which one is best suited for you. Don’t fret! We’ll help you find the best infrared sauna for your wellness needs— just follow our guide to compare the two brands and make an informed decision.

In this blog, we'll compare the features, specs, warranties, and more so that you have all the information you need before making a decision. Read on for every detail about these two top-tier saunas!

Experience Unrivalled Relaxation with Clearlight® Infrared Saunas

If you're in search of a truly relaxing sauna experience, Clearlight® Saunas is the way to go. For over two decades, they have been setting the gold standard in far infrared therapy and their patented True Wave® full-spectrum and far-infrared heaters provide an exceptional level of comfort that has earned them countless rave reviews. With a commitment to innovation, Clearlight® is the ideal choice if you want an unbeatable sauna experience.

Introducing a Rejuvenating Tool with Sun Stream Saunas

Sun Stream Infrared Saunas started as a North American business focused on assisting others with their health and wellness. Thier saunas are made from quality materials, including EMF and ELF mitigation technology for their Nano Carbon heaters, and also provide a therapeutic infrared sauna experience. Unlike most of the infrared sauna industry, Sun stream saunas are built using Canadian Hemlock FSC Certified woods.

Reasons to Compare Clearlight and Sun Stream Sauna

Comparing Clearlight® and Sun Stream Saunas is the best way to find the most suitable sauna for individual health benefits. Both brands feature their own special features, with Clearlight® offering industry-low EMF and ELF magnetic fields, free delivery to major city centres, a digital control panel with app functionality and more options in general, and Sun Stream providing a more affordable option.

Infrared heat therapy from these saunas provides numerous health benefits such as relieving muscle pain, reducing stress/anxiety, boosting circulation/immune system performance, and aiding in body detoxification. When deciding between the two, some notable features to compare are:

  • VOC testing and toxic materials
  • Upgradable add-ons
  • Cabin materials
  • Product Warranty

Detecting VOC Content in Clearlight® vs Sun Stream Saunas

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are found in many everyday products, and if present in an infrared sauna can lead to a range of health problems. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your infrared sauna is free from VOCs in order to benefit from its therapeutic heat without putting yourself or others at risk. Choosing a VOC-free infrared sauna is the best solution to avoid any potential health risks.

As a customer, it is important to make sure that an infrared sauna meets safety standards and is free from any potentially hazardous volatile organic compounds. Regular VOC testing is the only way to ensure protection from any potential health risks associated with exposure to VOCs. Additionally, VOC testing helps ensure that businesses are held accountable for proper safety procedures and creates a safe environment for all involved.

VOC detection in Clearlight Saunas

People with heightened sensitivity to VOCs can use Clearlight Saunas with confidence since their rigorous testing not only ensures that no VOCs are present during sessions but serves as an assurance that the air quality around the sauna is also safe for those who may be more sensitive. This makes Clearlight Saunas a better choice than other infrared saunas on the market.

Sun Stream Sauna VOC testing

Sun Stream Infrared Saunas has submitted its carbon panel heaters to Pacific Environmental Consulting for VOC testing. Carbon/fibreglass panels have been questioned for safety due to potential off-gassing of hazardous chemicals, however, Sun Stream's emission tests from the independent lab resulted in levels below the level of detection at 0.0 ppm, proving odourless and non-toxic panels. It is unclear whether or not Sun Stream conduct VOC testing on the entire sauna, so make sure you enquire about an entire VOC testing report when seeking out an infrared sauna brand.

Product Comparison Overview

In this section, we'll look at comparing the Evolve 20 from Sun Stream Saunas with the entry level Clearlight® Premier Far Infrared 2-Person Saunas.

2-Person Infrared Sauna Comparison

First, the Premier sauna has the best heater profile because a full-spectrum heater can be added to the front of the sauna. That full-spectrum heater not only adds near-infrared and mid-infrared to your exposure but also adds 500 Watts of energy, bringing the total to 2,250W of power.

Also, Clearlight uses combined carbon and ceramic heaters. In this True Wave® technology, the carbon provides the healing far infrared wavelengths while the carbon provides a higher infrared output with shorter wavelengths. The True Wave® is exclusive within the infrared sauna industry.

Secondly, the therapeutic add-on options for the Clearlight®  Saunas are far more extensive. With Clearlight, you can expand the therapeutic repertoire with salt therapy, red light therapy that can be used simultaneously with your sauna during your sessions, and an additional full-spectrum heater. 

The Sun Stream Evolve 20 has many standard add-ons such as a sauna hat and towel, a movable bench, backrests, and an aromatherapy cup that Clearlight doesn’t offer.

The difference here is that Sun Stream targets a different customer. Even though both companies offer premium products, the therapeutic offerings of Clearlight  are more high-end. The goal of Clearlight® Addons is improving the sauna’s therapeutic benefits. Nevertheless, the price of the Evolve 20 and Premier - 2 Person are comparable.

To better demonstrate our point about the difference in targeting the luxury and high-end of the infrared sauna market, we’ll compare two other saunas. That comparison uses the 3-Person Clearlight® Sanctuary Full Spectrum Sauna and the Sun Stream Evolve 30. 

The Sun Stream Evolve 30 is far more affordable but offers fewer premium options, such as add-ons and a less luxurious wood type.

Product Comparison

Sun Stream Evolve 20 vs Clearlight 2-Person Premier

Features Sun Stream Eveolve 20 Clearlight 2-Person Premier
Size 129W x 116D x 197H cm 127W x 112D X 193H cm
Heaters Nano Carbon Heaters 2,080W True Wave™ Carbon + Cermaic Heaters 1,750W
Heater Placement Full 360º Degree Heat Exposure Almost 360º Degree Heat Exposure (Upgradable to Full 360º Heat Exposure with a Full Spectrum Heater Add-On)
Infrared Spectrum Far Infrared Far Infrared (Upgradable to Full Spectrum)
EMF/ELF Fully optimised for EMF and ELF. Virtually 0 EMF (when measured on the bench), low ELF levels. Third party testing for EMF and ELF ✅ Fully optimised for EMF and ELF. Virtually 0 EMF (when measured on the bench), low ELF levels. Third party testing for EMF and ELF ✅
Wood Type Hemlock Eco-Certified Grade 'A' Western Red Cedar
Sauna Accessories Red Light Therapy (Optional, Outside the Sauna) Red Light Therapy, Full Spectrum Mini Heater, Salt Therapy, Vibrational Resonance Therapy, Medical-grade Chromotherapy, Backrest
Included Accessories Backrest, Sauna Hat, Towel, Aromatherapy Cup, Movable Bench, Standard Chromotherapy Standard Chromatherapy
Electricity Consumption 2.08 kW/hr 1.75 kW/hr

3-Person Infrared Sauna Comparison

Now let’s explain the Clearlight® Sanctuary 3-Person Full Spectrum Sauna and the Sun Stream Evolve 30 sauna in a more detailed comparison.

Comparing both options is difficult because they’re entirely different products. It’s like comparing a BMW car with a Bentley - both are high-end cars but target a very different level of luxury. 

Even though both are high-end options, the average Bentley price is 2-4X times that of a BMW car. But, within high-end options, the Bentley has better specifications and a more luxurious feel. A Bentley also takes more prestigious care of their customers. And, in this case, the Clearlight option also offers the best therapeutic value.

The same is true for the Clearlight® Sanctuary 3-Person Full Spectrum Sauna that arguably uses the best sauna wood on the market: Western red cedar. That cedar wood explains the 2X+ higher price for a Clearlight® Sanctuary 3-Person Full Spectrum Sauna and two 500W full-spectrum heaters not included in the Sun Stream Evolve 30. 

The Clearlight is also more spacious, further adding to the luxurious experience. And, last but not least, the Clearlight offers better therapeutic value, either as a standalone or with add-ons.

Hence, the products are incomparable because both options target a different market segment.

Product Comparison

Sun Stream Evolve 30 vs Clearlight 3-Person Sanctuary

Features Sun Stream Eveolve 30 Clearlight 3-Person Sanctuary
Size 154W x 97D x 188H cm 181W x 122D X 196H cm
Heaters SoloCarbon® far infrared and mid-infrared heat. In addition, a small built-in near infrared LED heater panel True Wave® carbon and ceramic and two 2 x 500W Full Spectrum Heaters
Heater Placement Full 360º Degree Heat Exposure Full 360º Degree Heat Exposure
Infrared Spectrum Far Infrared Far Infrared and Full Spectrum Infrared
EMF/ELF Fully optimised for EMF and ELF. Virtually 0 EMF (when measured on the bench), low ELF levels. Third party testing for EMF and ELF ✅ Fully optimised for EMF and ELF. Virtually 0 EMF (when measured on the bench), low ELF levels. Third party testing for EMF and ELF ✅
Wood Type Hemlock Western Grade 'A' Red Cedar
Sauna Accessories Red Light Therapy (Optional, Outside the Sauna) Red Light Therapy, Salt Therapy, Vibrational Resonance Therapy, Full Spectrum Mini Heater, Backrest
Included Accessories Backrest, Sauna Hat, Towel, Aromatherapy Cup, Movable Bench, Standard Chromotherapy Medical-grade Chromatherapy, Full Spectrum Heaters
Electricity Consumption 2.25 kW/hr 2.8 kW/hr


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Getting More With Sauna Add-ons: Comparing Clearlight® Vs. Sun Stream

Clearlight Saunas have a unique selection of upgradable modules, offering superior

  • chromotherapy
  • red light therapy, aromatherapy
  • halotherapy
  • and vibrational resonance therapy.

Sun Stream's range of add-ons is quite different from Clearlight's full suite of modern wellness features which provides the best possible sauna session to reap the many benefits of holistic healing.

Sun Stream offers external products that you can use such as a red light therapy panel, however, unlike Clearlights integrated Red Light Therapy Tower, Sun Stream's is not an upgrade to the sauna, simply just another product.

The Pros and Cons of Clearlight's Canadian Cedar Vs. Sun Stream's Hemlock in Sauna Cabins

Canadian Cedar and Hemlock both make great materials for sauna cabins. Canadian Cedar is renowned for its undeniable beauty and durability, providing long-lasting results in high-temperature environments. It also has a pleasant aroma that can provide an extra sense of comfort in a sauna cabin.

Hemlock is lightweight and more affordable, making it a better option for those seeking a more cost-effective solution. It's also resistant to decay and insect infestation, but not as resilient when exposed to extreme temperatures as Canadian Cedar.

Clearlight's Grade A Red Canadian Cedar Wood


  • Beauty: Canadian Cedar is renowned for its beautiful, reddish gold hue and pleasing aroma.
  • Durability: Canadian Cedar is resistant to decay, rot and insect infestation, making it a great choice for longevity.
  • Comfort: The natural oils found in the wood make it more comfortable than other materials in high-temperature environments.
  • Low Maintenance: This material requires very little maintenance to keep it looking great year after year.
  • Heat Retention: Canadian Cedar retains heat well which can help reduce energy costs when using an infrared sauna cabin.


  • Cost: Although Canadian Cedar is a quality material, it can be expensive compared to some alternatives.
  • Fragile Nature: The wood can be easily stained or dented if not handled with care.

Sun Stream's Canadian Hemlock Wood


  • Lightweight: Canadian Hemlock is relatively lightweight compared to other woods, making it a good choice for larger structures.
  • Durability: The wood is highly resistant to decay, rot and insect infestation.
  • Cost: Hemlock is usually cheaper than some other types of wood, making it a budget-friendly option.
  • Ease of Installation: Hemlock is easy to work with, which can make the installation process simpler and faster.
  • Aesthetics: Hemlock has a light yellowish colour with tight grains that provide an attractive finished appearance.


  • Reaction to Moisture: Prolonged exposure to moisture can cause the wood to warp or twist over time.
  • Fragile Nature: This material can be easily scratched or dented if not handled carefully.
  • Low Heat Retention: While Canadian Cedar retains heat reasonably well, Hemlock does not retain heat as efficiently which could result in higher energy costs for using an infrared sauna cabin.
  • Expansion/Contraction Risk: With fluctuations in humidity levels, Hemlock may expand or contract more dramatically than other materials like cedar.

Which Sauna Lasts Longer? Clearlight Vs Sun Stream Warranty

Are you thinking about investing in a sauna? If so, you want to make sure it will remain in top condition for years to come – and that’s where Clearlight Saunas comes in. With true lifetime warranties included on parts and freight and 7 years on labour costs, Clearlight gives you the security to make your purchase with confidence.

Clearlight offers lifetime protection on parts – meaning you have the peace of mind that no matter how long you've owned your sauna, it's covered. Plus, if you ever decide to resell your sauna down the line, the warranty remains transferrable – adding potential value for any future buyer! So don't just buy a product – make an investment that will last a lifetime. Invest in Clearlight Saunas today!

Comparing Sauna Models Clearlight Saunas Vs. Sun Stream Saunas

When it comes to choosing the best-infrared sauna for your home, Clearlight and Sun Stream offer distinct advantages over other saunas. Clearlight stands out with its patented heating technology, ultra-low EMF, and 360-degree heat that provides superior performance and reliability, as well as an amazing selection of add-ons for all user needs.

Sun Stream Saunas are more affordable, and may provide a good budget friendly option.

Sun Stream Sauna Evolve 20 Vs Clearlight Sanctuary Sauna

Clearlight Sanctuary Sauna: The revolutionary technology of Clearlight® Sanctuary Infrared Saunas directly penetrates the body’s tissue to deliver a deep detoxifying sweat at the cellular level that helps flush out toxins and impurities. Enjoy long-term wellness with this powerful and efficient sauna with both Full Spectrum and Far-Infrared heaters, medical-grade chromotherapy,  and ultra-low EMF and ELF.

Sun stream Evolve 20 Sauna: The Evolve 20 infrared sauna also features 360-degree far infrared sauna heating. Its carbon panel heaters surround all walls. This sauna produces low EMF levels and is made from 100% solid Canadian Hemlock which may have a lower aroma than other types of wood used in traditional saunas.

Sun stream Evolve Mini Vs Clearlight Premier Sauna

Premier Sauna: The Clearlight® Premier Infrared Sauna encompasses energy efficiency and well-being with a built-in stereo system and LED lights. Create a calming environment while also taking advantage of this sauna's potential to boost health and overall well-being.

Evolve Mini: The Evolve Mini has the same features as the Evolve 20 just in a smaller more compact model.

Look Beyond Price: How to Get More Value From Your Brand Purchases

When shopping for infrared saunas, it's important to look beyond just the price tag. Understanding which brands offer more value for your money can save you time and money in the long run. Doing research on the quality of a product before purchasing it is crucial; comparing prices and consumer feedback will help you make an informed decision about your purchase. Consider what features are important to you and determine which brands deliver on their promise of quality and value for your money when buying infrared saunas. To make sure you pick the right one, compare the best-infrared saunas on the market to find out which offers the best value for money.

Infrared Saunas Comparison Table

Compare the Best infrared Saunas in Australia

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