December 07, 2020
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What Makes Infrared Sauna Heaters Different?

Everything You Need To Know About Infrared Sauna Heaters And Panels

Clearlight would like to remind users that this should not be taken as direct medical advice, and users should always consult a medical professional if complications arise from prolonged use.

From the inception of Clearlight Infrared Saunas - and many infrared sauna manufacturers - infrared heat therapy started as a new technology. Only recently has infrared heat therapy become an emerging health trend. For many years the infrared sauna industry primarily used far-infrared wavelengths for infrared heaters. 

At Clearlight, we were aware of the other forms of infrared wavelengths, near-infrared and mid-infrared, which were being used extensively for health treatments by health professionals globally.

We have a range of medical studies and papers on the proven health benefits of infrared technology that you can read here

Upon investigating this research and medical studies, we incorporated near and mid-infrared wavelengths into our own technology, revolutionising the infrared sauna industry. At this time our founder, Dr. Rayleigh Duncan, created the Clearlight True Wave® heater. A heater that incorporates near, mid and far-infrared wavelengths into one, coining the term full-spectrum and changing the industry from this point forward.

What Are Full-Spectrum Heaters?

From Clearlights research came the discovery that if only one form of infrared wavelength was used, it would dramatically minimises the overall healing abilities of the infrared technology, namely the healing modalities of the remaining two infrared wavelengths. It was this discovery that caused Clearlight to create an infrared heater that used all three wavelengths ie. full spectrum, and not just a single form of wavelength like many of our competitors were and still are producing.

Clearlight founder, Dr. Rayleigh Duncan explains his coined term, Full-Spectrum, by stating, “we wanted to convey three different bandwidths of infrared, namely far, mid and near, so that’s all we’re saying”

Over the past 10 years, the use of infrared technology for healing purposes boomed, and with the internet and increased popularity of e-commerce, this caused the sauna industry to become flooded with numerous startup sauna companies. Many of these startup sauna companies had little to no understanding of the scientific and medical considerations for the therapeutic benefits of infrared therapy. Subsequently offering low cost, low-quality, and sometimes toxic saunas. Some continue to use the term 'Full-Spectrum', with little to no understanding of the infrared technology.

Clearlight Full Spectrum Heaters Vs. Other Full Spectrum Heaters

Clearlight was the first to produce heaters for infrared saunas that incorporate - and invented the term - full-spectrum. That major factor aside, Clearlight has also had the most technological advancements in this area since then. These patented advancements come from the bulbs, materials, and engineering designs that are exclusive to Clearlight Infrared Saunas, offering premium, non-toxic infrared therapy. 

LED Bulbs For Sauna Heaters

LED bulbs for infrared therapy is a great technology, especially for near-infrared wavelengths. The benefits of LED bulbs is the low wattage they use to produce high-quality near-infrared. Although near-infrared is extremely effective for topical treatments, the downside is the LED must be directly over the intended treated area at a close distance. This is why LED bulbs for infrared heaters aren’t effective for their healing and health benefits, especially in saunas. To receive the healing benefits of LED bulb heaters in a sauna would require you to have the surface area of your body directly up against the heater (visualize a gecko clinging onto a wall).

Halogen Bulbs For Sauna Heaters

Halogen bulbs for infrared therapy offer great diversity in infrared wavelengths, as well as impactful heat. Not only are they energy efficient to run, but they also heat up quickly in comparison to other heaters. These factors, along with the power of the halogen bulbs, and the disadvantages of LED bulbs that are mentioned above, are the core reasons why Clearlight uses a type of halogen bulb for our patented True Wave II full-spectrum heaters.

What Separates Clearlight Full Spectrum Heaters From The Rest?

As stated above, Clearlight only uses - and invented the term - full-spectrum heaters, using halogen bulbs for the maximum benefit of near, mid and far-infrared wavelengths at the most efficient and effective method. 

The True Wave® heaters are also patented - due to the fact that they are the only full-spectrum heaters on the market with an incredibly low EMF that is virtually zero. Not only this but the Clearlight True Wave® heaters are the only infrared heaters that combine both carbon and ceramic heaters into one complete heater. Taking the core advantage of the carbon heater - being the longest infrared wave output - and combining it with the core advantage of the ceramic heater - being the highest infrared output. 

It's for these reasons Clearlights' patented full-spectrum heaters are the best-infrared sauna heaters on the market and why our infrared sauna range has no close competitors when it comes to the healing properties of infrared therapy.

For more information on what infrared heater is the best option for you - visit the Clearlight 'Ultimate Guide To Buying Infrared Saunas' for an in-depth breakdown of what factors you should consider when investing in an infrared sauna.

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