How To Use Red Light Therapy For Sleep And Skin

Shining a light on skin health and sleep issues


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It may seem counterintuitive to look into a bright light  to make you drowsy before hitting the hay, but somehow that's what the science suggests when it comes to red light therapy.

And that's not the only bizarre by-product of this emerging wellness trend.

It turns out, that harnessing the power of the sun can actually be good for your skin, and in some instances reverse the damage done by the real thing.

All of these points are what we will be looking at in this article.

Does Red light Therapy Help You Sleep?

Initial clinical research also shows that red light therapy can improve sleep quality and duration and help you produce more of your own melatonin.

It turns out light plays an essential role in the sleep cycle. 

The body's internal clock, also known as the circadian rhythm, interprets light as a benchmark of waking and sleeping times.

Traditionally, sunlight, especially in the morning and evening, helps to tell your body what time it is. 

When the sun sets in the evening, for instance, we are already moving very much in the red color of the light spectrum and your body gets a signal it’s time to wind down.

Red light therapy is made up of 50% pure red light

This red part of the spectrum is ideal for the evening because it has a low color temperature, much lower than blue light, and therefore very close to the natural sunset.

Research has shown that red light supports the sleep cycle and does not disturb it like bright blue light. 

It’s mainly the blue light, emitted from screens and regular light bulbs that wakes you up.

During the morning, moreover, red light therapy helps communicate to your brain that it’s daytime, which results in more melatonin secretion at night.


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What Does Red Light Therapy Do To The Skin?

In the beauty industry, various forms of red light therapy have been known for a long time and are used regularly, especially by stars and celebrities. 

The main reason for this therapy is the reduction of inflammatory symptoms in the skin. 

Due to increased blood and oxygen circulation, the damaged skin tissue can be repaired more quickly, resulting in increased regeneration and better overall looks.

In fact, many people already report younger-looking skin after their first red light therapy sessions.

Red light therapy importantly results in an increase in the body's own collagen

Collagen is a protein produced naturally in the body, which among other things provides structure and stability, e.g. in bones or in the skin.

Increased production of collagen through an application of red light therapy can therefore also lead to an improvement in the skin's appearance, which is why it has long been used in the beauty industry.

Red light therapy now allows consumers all over the world to access these skin rejuvenation benefits. 

In the past, you needed to visit an expensive clinic to get these results, now there are a large number of at-home red light therapy devices that you can use to achieve these results.

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