The Healing Power of Full Spectrum Saunas

Heard about full-spectrum saunas but not so sure what the fuss is about? Read Clearlight Sauna’s breakdown of how to get the most out of it today.

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When it comes to health and well-being, turning to time-honoured practices and blending them with cutting-edge technology can never hurt. Of course, we're talking about the full-spectrum infrared sauna. These modern marvels harness the gentle yet effective power of infrared light, offering a myriad of health benefits that go beyond mere relaxation.

Full spectrum infrared saunas, with their unique ability to penetrate deeply into the body with a gentle yet effective heat, offer a holistic approach to wellness. In this comprehensive exploration, we'll delve into the multifaceted world of full-spectrum saunas, uncovering all the health benefits they can provide, from enhanced relaxation to deep tissue detoxification.

As we navigate through the different types of full-spectrum saunas, we'll understand how each type caters to specific wellness needs. Comparisons with traditional and near-infrared saunas will further clarify their unique positions in the spectrum of wellness solutions. 

The journey will also include a deeper understanding of the relaxation benefits and detoxification processes facilitated by these saunas, ultimately painting a holistic picture of why full-spectrum saunas are becoming an indispensable part of modern health and wellness routines.

Health Benefits of Full-Spectrum Infrared Saunas

Improved Circulation 

One of the primary benefits of full-spectrum infrared saunas is their ability to enhance blood circulation. The deep penetrating heat from the infrared rays causes blood vessels to dilate, promoting better blood flow throughout the body. This improved circulation can lead to accelerated healing, reduced inflammation, and an overall sense of vitality. Studies have shown that regular use of infrared saunas seems to have effects on cardiovascular health that are similar to the effects of moderate exercise.

Muscle Relaxation and Pain Relief 

The warmth generated by the sauna penetrates deep into muscles and tissues, providing relief from tension and stiffness. This deep heat therapy can be particularly beneficial for those suffering from muscle discomfort. By relaxing the muscles and improving circulation, full-spectrum saunas may significantly alleviate pain and enhance the body's natural healing processes.


Full-spectrum infrared saunas are highly effective in promoting detoxification. As the body sweats, it naturally eliminates toxins, including heavy metals like lead and mercury, and environmental chemicals. This detoxification process can be more efficient in full-spectrum saunas due to the deeper penetration of infrared rays, which may stimulate a more profound sweat at a lower, more comfortable temperature than traditional saunas.

Mental Health Benefits 

Beyond the physical health benefits, full-spectrum saunas can also have a positive impact on mental health. The relaxing environment and heat therapy can reduce stress levels, appearing to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and promote a general sense of well-being. Many users report improved sleep patterns and a decrease in insomnia symptoms after regular sauna use. 


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Why Choose Clearlight® Sanctuary Saunas with True Wave™ Full Spectrum Technology?

Advanced Infrared Technologies  

These saunas feature near, mid, and far infrared technologies, providing all wavelengths 100% of the time to optimise the sauna experience.

Eco-Certified Wood Choices 

Available in Mahogany or Basswood, it offers both durability and aesthetic appeal.

Infrared Heating Technology  

The True Wave™ far infrared heaters are strategically placed throughout the sauna for optimal coverage, including the back and side walls, under the bench, next to the calves, and on the floor. The full spectrum heaters are located on the front wall, ensuring a consistent and safe low EMF and low ELF environment.

Ergonomic Design and Comfort Features  

Each sauna model includes built-in ergonomic backrests and reversible ergonomic/flat benches. Users can customise their sauna session with a built-in keypad or the Clearlight® Connect app, which is available for Android and iOS. Additionally, these models are equipped with Bluetooth/MP3 connections and Nakamichi stereo speakers for entertainment.

Medical Grade Chromotherapy Lighting  

These saunas incorporate LED colour light therapy, designed to help restore bodily imbalances, improve sleep, and contribute to overall physical and mental wellness.

Types of Full Spectrum Saunas

The Sanctuary line includes several models:

     - Clearlight® Sanctuary Full Spectrum Sauna: Available for one, two, or three people. 

    - 4-Person Clearlight® Sanctuary Corner Full Spectrum Sauna: Ideal for when you want to place your sauna in an empty corner of your workout area. 

     - 4-Person Clearlight® Sanctuary Yoga Full Spectrum Sauna: Perfect for some hot yoga. 

     - 4 Person Clearlight® Sanctuary Retreat Full Spectrum Sauna: An ADA-compliant model.

   - Clearlight® Sanctuary Outdoor Full Spectrum Sauna: Available for two or five people. 

Check out all of our models today to find one that’s perfect for your space. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us today.

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