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There’s always been something captivating about the look and feel of a log cabin sauna.

Maybe it’s because the traditional look is rooted in ancient sauna culture, or that the texture of the timber is somewhat raw and nomadic, or even that the wonderful aroma of the timber can seemingly take you away to a faraway place where you can relax and forget about modern life.

Whatever the reason, log cabin saunas have always been a popular choice in aesthetics for a home sauna. The Premier 2 Infrared Sauna is the amalgamation of all of these reasons and incorporates the cutting-edge technology and science of today’s leading infrared saunas.

What makes a sauna good comes down to the core reasons why an individual would desire a sauna. For us, we’ve broken it down to:

  • the look and feel
  • the quality and features
  • the health benefits it provides

This article is about the Premier 2 infrared Sauna and how it ticks all the boxes for the best log cabin sauna.

Health benefits of an infrared Sauna log cabin

The health benefits of the Premier-2 come down to the True Wave® far-infrared heater panels being the highest quality infrared heater available. Endorsed by the likes of Ben Greenfield and Gwyneth Paltrow, the True Wave® heaters provide a plethora of health benefits.


The True Wave® heaters penetrate deep into the fat cells of the human body, melting away and releasing any stored heavy metals and toxins. By releasing these toxins into the bloodstream the body can excrete them or detoxify through the means of sweating, the lymphatic system, and the organs. This is only possible with far-infrared wavelengths and cannot be achieved by traditional saunas or steam rooms.

Cardiovascular health: 

The True Wave® heaters improve cardiovascular health in users by increasing the heart rate, dilating blood vessels, and lowering blood pressure. There is a growing body of evidence that shows that consistent use of far-infrared heat lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality rates.

Weight loss:

Our Clearlight® Premier models have been specifically used in a study by the Binghamton University (SUNY) in New York that found that three sauna sessions a week at 30 minutes per session dropped an average of 4% body fat over a four-month period.

Muscle Recovery: 

The Premier-2 increases circulation and lowers inflammation using therapeutic heat from the True Wave® far infrared heaters. It has been shown that the far-infrared heat is favourable for the neuromuscular system to recover from maximal endurance performance.

Pain Relief: 

A great tool for muscle and joint pain, aches, and stiffness. Infrared saunas have been shown to be beneficial for sufferers of arthritis, sprains, neuralgia, bursitis, muscle spasms, joint stiffness, and many other muscular-skeletal ailments.

Stress reduction:

It’s not just the act of sitting still in peace for a prolonged period of time that helps to lower your stress. Infrared saunas have been shown to lower cortisol levels related to stress, and help alleviate the symptoms of depression and anxiety. A recent study also shows the use of infrared heat as a treatment for chronic depression.

Overall, the Premier-2 provides an amazing amount of health benefits to the user, more than your traditional log cabin sauna. The Premier-2 also has the option for our Clearlight® Wellness Enhancements - complementary therapy technologies that can be added to your sauna as later upgrades.


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How much does it cost to put an infrared sauna in your house?

Saunas, in general, are expensive, as there is a good reason for this. As a wellness tool, ensuring that it provides an improvement in your health and quality of life is important. 

Not only must the technology be safe, therapeutic, and tested, it must all be made from non-harmful or toxic materials that can be certified to ensure confidence that spending 30 minutes a day inside your sauna won’t make you sick or ill.

What’s amazing about the Premier-2 is that they are an entry-level sauna, meaning that they’re not as expensive as our Sanctuary or Outdoor models. We’ve taken the time to explain the differences between the Premier and Sanctuary models here that explains the reason why the Premier-2s are the entry-level sauna.

Our Premier-2 also comes flat-packaged, delivered to your door, and is self-constructible, although we do offer installation services if you don’t have the time.

Operating costs of the Premier-2 are extremely low, averaging around 0.30 cents per hour and they do not use up a lot of electricity. Again we’ve written up more on this topic here.

The next factor that will determine the cost to put an infrared sauna in your home comes down to the size of the space you designated for your sauna and the size of your sauna itself. 

Our Premier models range from 1-person all the way to 5-person, and subsequently, the cost increases for the larger models. If you want to know what the best size is for you, we’ve broken down all the factors needed to be considered in how big should a sauna be here.

What is the best shape for a sauna?

The best shape for a sauna depends on your individual needs. Ideally, you want it to work aesthetically in your space, and depending on area requirements may even need to fit snug into corners, alfresco, or nooks. Typically, we find the best shape for our saunas to be a rectangular cube or square. This ensures the maximum space inside the cabin while being versatile for most home spaces. The Premier saunas also come as a corner sauna for any house corner space.

If you’re looking to construct something more custom, we’ve written an article to help you with your choices for a custom-built sauna including the best type of wood to use, that you can read here.

Of course, the Premier-2 uses the best type of wood, being a grade A Canadian cedar wood.

Features of our infrared sauna log cabin

There are many advantages to owning your own personal infrared log cabin sauna in your home. If you’re opting for an outdoor sauna, we’ve explained the differences between an indoor sauna and an outdoor sauna here. The Premier-2 is an excellent choice if you’re after a log cabin sauna. Aesthetically it ticks all the boxes, following a traditional sauna look, while the fragrant cedar wood indulges beautiful aromas and feels raw and rustic with textures of all wood.

Using only certified materials and master crafted with 22 years of experience, the quality of build of the Premier 2s is unmatched. It’s crafted so well that we provide a lifetime warranty on our Premier 2 saunas.

It also provides the largest array of health benefits than any other sauna brand on the market, not only because it utilises the patented True Wave® technology, but also with its ability to be upgraded with the likes of Red Light Therapy, ChromotherapyFull Spectrum Heat, and Salt Therapy.

If you're interested in an infrared sauna cabin for home, click here to view our range of full-spectrum saunas, far-infrared saunas, and outdoor saunas.

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