Infrared Sauna Accessories: Everything You Need To Know

The Best Sauna Accessories Available


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Different saunas come with different accessories.  Some companies supply you with towels, a sauna hat, and other stuff. In this blog, we want to know what the best accessory for your infrared sauna is for both therapeutic benefits and overall enjoyment. From our extensive research and testing, here are our top picks for the best infrared sauna accessories money can buy!

The Best Sauna Accessories For Maximum Benefits

Here is our top sauna accessories choices:

  1. Red Light Therapy: Clearlight® Red Light Therapy Tower
  2. Salt Therapy: Clearlight® HaloOne Halotherapy
  3. Vibrational Resonance Therapy: Clearlight® VRT Sound Resonance Therapy
  4. Full-Spectrum Infrared Therapy: Clearlight® Full Spectrum Infrared Mini-heater
  5. Chromotherapy: Clearlight® Medical-Grade Coloured Light Therapy
  6. Aromatherapy: Clearlight® AromaOne (coming soon)

Clearlight® RLT Tower: Red Light Therapy

The Clearlight® Red light Therapy Tower is currently the only red light therapy product that can be used inside an infrared sauna. This is because of its specially designed cooling system that allows the LED bulbs to continually produce the optimal wavelengths for photobiomodulation (effects of red light therapy) even when the temperature of the bulbs become hot from the sauna. Simply attach the tower to the front door of your Clearlight® Sauna and activate the power point inside your sauna using the digital control touch pad. Once enabled, you are able to use the Red light Therapy Tower simultaneously with your sauna, allowing for double the benefits in the single sauna session!

What is red light therapy? Red light therapy is both visible red light combined with near-infrared light. That light penetrates your body and act as a nutrient for different types of cells, such as your muscles, brain, and blood.

Here is a short list of potential red light therapy benefits:

  • Lowers excess inflammation
  • Speeds up fat loss
  • Enhances hormone levels, such as that of the thyroid and potentially testosterone
  • Increases athletic performance and your overall energy levels
  • Counter risk for several health conditions like Alzheimer's, diabetes, and heart problems
  • Aids sleep quality at night and wakefulness during the day.

What's the difference between red light therapy and infrared therapy? The key difference is that they are two different forms of application of light therapy, infrared saunas utilise light invisible light to generate heat and provide health benefits through raising the core temperature, where as red light therapy uses both visible and invisible light to stimulate the cells within the body - not utilising heat as a method of benefits. The good news is that the Clearlight® Red Light Therapy Tower allows you to combine both therapies at the same time, and you can also use the RLT Tower as a stand-alone product, meaning you can put it in your room or next to your bed for versatile use!

Clearlight® HaloOne: Salt Therapy or Halotherapy

Second on the list of the best sauna accessories is the HaloOne salt therapy device. This salt therapy device provides relief from nasal and congestion issues, helping with asthmatic symptoms and even hay fever. Again, this product can be used inside your Clearlight® Sauna, or taken outside of your sauna and used in the bathroom or bedroom to help you sleep better.

Salt therapy has a huge number of health benefits:

  • First of all, salt therapy filters your airways. The aerosolised salt removes what is called excess "mucus" - a slimy protein-rich substance building up in your airways that prevents you from breathing properly. Through that mechanism, salt therapy can help for many health conditions affecting the lungs such as cystic fibrosis and bronchitis.
  • Secondly, salt therapy can improve lung function. That improvement is currently only proven in people who have reduced lung function.
  • Thirdly, salt therapy clears your sinuses. Many people cannot breathe properly due to sinusitis, giving rise to continuous feelings of stress.
  • Fourthly, while based upon anecdotal evidence, many people feel really relaxed using salt therapy. As an analogy, spending time on the beach has similar effects, not only because of the sunlight exposure but also because of breathing in the mineral-rich ocean water that's aerosolised by the sun.

Clearlight® VRT: Sound Resonance Therapy

Third on the list is the Clearlight® Vibrational Resonance Therapy device, an in-sauna installed device that essential converts your bench seat into a resonance therapy device. This device attaches to the underside of your Clearlight® Sauna bench seats, and connects via bluetooth to your digital control pad. Once installed you can play therapeutic sounds or music through your speaker system and the VRT device. The vibrations from the VRT device create resonance with the sound of the music you are playing. This is extremely effective when combined with healing music, meditation music or healing sounds. Think of it like experiencing a sound healing session in the comfort of your own home-sauna!

Clearlight® Full Spectrum Mini Heater: Infrared Therapy

Coming in fourth, and already equipped in the Clearlight® Sanctuary Saunas and Outdoor Saunas, this accessory allows you to upgrade the Premier Saunas into a complete Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna at the fraction of the price of the Sanctuary or Outdoor Sauna models. Even if you have a Clearlight Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna model, you can still equip the FS Mini Heater to the front door panel for additional infrared heat and power. This will improve the overall maximum temperature of your sauna, and improve the warm-up times it take for your sauna to reach its desired temperature. A fantastic upgrade for those in the colder climates or with the Premier Sauna models.

Clearlight® Chromotherapy: Coloured Light Therapy

Fifth choice is the Medical-Grade Chromotherapy which allows you to use different colours of the visible light spectrum, such as blue, green, yellow, and orange. These colours affect you psychologically. For instance, blue light improves relaxation and is calming. Red light stimulates and invigorates. While many scientists have been skeptical about chromotherapy for many decades, recently some studies have emerged showing effects of the exposure to different types of light. Green light can lower the intensity of allergies, blue light can reduce sleep disturbances at night, and red and green light can improve cognitive performance more than mixed white light.

The Clearlight Sanctuary Full Spectrum Sauna and the Outdoor Full Spectrum Sauna have chromotherapy integrated into them. In other sauna offerings, you can add the option. Overall, you probably get the point though: Clearlight offers many other infrared sauna accessories that other companies don't offer. 

Clearlight® AromaOne: Aromatherapy

Last but not least is our new and improved aromatherapy device. Coming soon, the AromaOne was designed and created by the same team that brought you the HaloOne Salt Therapy device. What you can look forward to is an aromatherapy diffuser that looks similar to the HaloOne in style, and can be used both inside and outside of your Clearlight® Sauna. This game-changer device will allow you to incorporate the finest essential oils into the sauna experience, to really customise how you want your sauna session to be. Stay tuned for this amazing device!


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Common Sauna Accessories

In this section, I outline popular far infrared sauna accessories that you may also find with a full-spectrum infrared sauna. First, let's explore common accessories available in the market:Common Far Infrared Sauna Accessories

Infrared Sauna Towels

Numerous infrared sauna companies provide one or multiple complimentary towels with each order. These towels are typically larger and thicker than ordinary ones, enabling them to absorb more sweat during a sauna session, thereby simulating a spa-like experience. While these towels are a pleasant gesture and elevate your sauna experience, many individuals already possess towels and may not require additional ones. Now, let's discuss the second accessory:

Sauna Backrest

An ergonomic backrest for ultimate relaxation sounds ideal, right? Imagine a backrest tailored to fit your posture perfectly. At Clearlight, our backrest, designed by Dr. Raleigh Duncan, provides optimal ergonomic support. This way, you can focus solely on enjoying your sessions or even take a break from thinking altogether. We highly recommend this accessory from Clearlight. Now, let's explore another popular sauna add-on:

Sauna Ionisers

Some saunas offer ionisers as accessories to potentially cleanse the air of pollutants and bacteria. However, I don't recommend using an ioniser at Clearlight due to their possible ozone emissions. Despite ozone's clinical applications, it isn't entirely harmless. If your sauna has an ioniser, only operate it when you're not inside, and ensure proper ventilation afterward. This approach significantly minimises health risks. If indoor air pollution is a concern, consider investing in a high-quality air purifier for continuous use. A dedicated purifier is far more effective than a single ioniser within the sauna. Now, let's discuss the next accessory:

Sauna Speaker System

Many individuals enjoy soothing music during their sauna sessions. Consequently, numerous high-end sauna brands have incorporated speaker systems into their infrared saunas. Our company goes the extra mile by adding Bluetooth-enabled speakers with an on/off function. This feature allows users to eliminate EMF sauna exposure, if desired. Although the EMF levels emitted from our sauna's Bluetooth are lower than those from a mobile phone held close to one's body, users have the option for zero exposure by simply turning it off. However, for those who cannot truly relax without excellent music, all our saunas come equipped with a speaker system. Up next, we'll discuss another appealing accessory:

Sauna Hat

The purpose of a sauna hat is to shield your hair from extreme heat in a sauna. However, with a Clearlight sauna, overheating your head and hair poses less risk due to the strategic positioning of our heater panels. They focus on your torso, legs, and arms, avoiding the head area. This is because the head is the most vulnerable in raising your body's core temperature – it encounters difficulties with heat tolerance sooner than the rest of your body. By keeping the head cool, this issue is circumvented. Nonetheless, a sauna hat can be a pleasant accessory, particularly for some women. Alternatively, if you're concerned about your hair, you can use a towel to cover it. Furthermore, there are other accessories available:

Infrared Sauna Accessories Possibilities

I haven't even touched on all the available accessory options. For example, we offer Vibration Resonance Therapy (VRT), which combines sound and vibration for a therapeutic effect. VRT can be used alongside salt therapy, red light therapy, and chromotherapy to enhance your experience. Furthermore, our sauna customisation service allows you to tailor the dimensions, wood type, heater styles, and much more when crafting your ultimate bespoke sauna. The range of far infrared sauna accessories will continue to expand since the possibilities are endless. It is evident that numerous alternatives to a simple towel or sauna hat can perfect your infrared sauna experience. These accessories not only elevate the enjoyment but also significantly boost the health benefits.

Clearlight Sauna Accessories

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